The Little Things That Screw Us Up

We have one life to live and I fucking wasted it being unhappy seventy percent of the time, lost in my own head, tormenting myself by obsessing over the flaws in my DNA.

I’ve been really negative lately on nuisances in my life and finally, someone special looked me blankly in the face and said, “You have a negative outlook on life and try to control everything even when you can’t.”

So I started thinking about all the bull I have gripes with and what to do what it.

  1. Body image self-hate: Facebook is by far your worst enemy. As we age, it’s only natural we don’t look as happy and youthful as we used to be. All the “8 years ago memories with photos of you during your best body days” are over, but I now look at it as a challenge. That person is still me, if I’ve let myself go, I can still achieve that body with strenuous workouts. This new motivation isn’t just so I can feel better for myself, but continue a new lifestyle that will put my physical health on a new trajectory.
  2. Judging others: This is one big ball of fucking exhaustive energy you shouldn’t be exerting. Physical therapists that help to alleviate stress tell their patients, “Just be a hollow bamboo, let it pass on through.” Why do we spend countless minutes of our day looking sideways at things and people that don’t please us? Does it hurt our day? No, so cut the bad habit out. This attitude doesn’t help anyone.
  3. Making up excuses for other people’s actions: Um, so how do I put this lightly without breaking a glass for you. So you know that girl who hasn’t replied back in 3 days? She’s not interested. Period. Point. Blank. It’s 2018. Everyone’s basically attached to the hip with their smart phones, so if she hasn’t responded, you’re just not a priority. Instead of realizing this, you’re sitting there over analyzing and imagining that she must be overwhelmed with work or some other bullshit time consuming activity. But the facts are really staring you in the face and you’re not willing to believe it because you’re holding on to some hopeless romantic dream. Let that shit go& move on.

Take some time out today and reflect on these three things. Victim to all of the above? Free yourself and start training every day to realize what you’re doing and slowly let go of the bars in this prison that’s holding you back from being happier.

It’s going to be hard, I know. I’m working on myself too. It’s definitely hard not to judge someone who’s outfit is all wrong but they’re doing them, so why not do you? Let it pass in 2018. You’re much better than this.


26 Things I Still Remind Myself after I turned 26

  1. dont apologize when you don’t have anything to be sorry for
  2. read the email before you send it. then read it again.
  3. things usually don’t work out for a reason. trust the universe
  4. be kind anyway
  5. goals matter. Make a 25 by 25 or a 50 by 50. then live it out or ponder back and see how much adventure you still have left
  6. hold the door open. Figuratively & Literally
  7. few friends last a lifetime. Forgive them when they’re not the best version of themselves
  8. you’re never going to have this body again
  9. if you have to think about whether you should text/post for more than 30 secs. dont do it – it’s never worth it
  10. if you can’t laugh at yourself, it’s going to be a long life
  11. always have a 5 year plan
  12. don’t burn bridges. it’s a small world
  13. close your mouth and open your eyes
  14. there is absolutely no substitute for class. if you have to say you’re a lady, you’re probably not
  15. make your own rules
  16. details matter. they really really matter
  17. never let them see you cry
  18. preparation > luck
  19. no one else can make you happy if you’re not happy with yourself
  20. if you don’t want anyone to find out. don’t do it.
  21. paste a smile on your face and fake it till you make it
  22. don’t waste your time trying to make other people look bad. make yourself indispensable.
  23. figure out your go-to restaurant, bar, city attraction, cocktail and bag.
  24. Trust that voice in your head. Trust your gut. Trust the Butterflies
  25. Appearances matter. It may be unfair, superficial, but they do. Get a manicure. Invest in a nice bag. Figure out the best makeup and clothing style for you.
  26. Hug your parents. Tell Them Thank you.

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