Movies & Shows to Stream for Every Quarantine ‘MOOD’

I’m hit with serious show hole. If you didn’t watch the TV spot on Show Holes from Amazon a while back, here’s the link to describe the feeling:

So now that I’ve exhausted through every star studded big name show and movie on demand, what’s there left?? I created this list to help me recall the best of the best for each mood I’m having while learning to adapt to only 800 square feet of living for the next unforeseeable future.

  1. The I need Chicken Soup for the Soul Mood: Gilmore Girls on Netflix, the perfect blend of comfort and feel good warmth.
  2. The I miss my siblings and need a little bit of magic in my life Mood: Onward on Disney+, Kleenex is a commodity so use sparingly.
  3. The I need something suspenseful and based on a book mood: Little Fires Everywhere on Hulu, who’s side will you be you on??
  4. The I miss brunch on the weekend with my girls and legit any real type of social networking mood: Dollface on Hulu (break open a bottle of Cava and you’ll really feel like you’re back in your
  5. The it’s Saturday Morning, and I’m still having cereal for breakfast at age 29 mood: Recess on Disney+. I still can’t believe I can stream this whenever I want!! Oh how I miss swinging on monkey bars and playing hopscotch.
  6. The I need something bright and funny to lighten up the mood in my single bedroom shelter mood: Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Amazon Prime. I need a Midge in my life- to be my friend, mom, lover, style icon. She’s perfect, perfect…PERFECT.
  7. The I feel like garbage so give me some junk digestible TV mood: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on Hulu, because other people’s million dollar problems are so much more entertaining than the fact that I haven’t worn jeans in 3 weeks.
  8. The I need to go on an adventure with my friends but can’t mood: Hunter x Hunter on Netflix and Hulu(entire series on Crunchyroll). This is by far one of the best bingeable animes for best buds all having their own goals but achieving them together.
  9. The I have wine and found some good cheeses at the store for once mood: Ratatouille on Disney+, easily one of the better culinary movies of our time and it’s family friendly!
  10. The I need to be healthier and stop ordering takeout mood: Jamie Oliver’s Quick & Easy Food series on Hulu. He breaks down how to make bombassery food with simple and quick 5 ingredients. I’ve been cooking for so long and still find surprising tricks from these snack size episodes. You’ll want to bookmark this one not just to cook healthy foods for yourself during WFH but remember them to host dinners and wow guests!

Honorable Mentions:

  1. Sex & the City on Amazon Prime: when you miss GNO
  2. Mulan: when you need a story about warriors & bravery
  3. Modern Family: When you miss family and need a laugh to remember all their quirks
  4. Chef’s Table: The closest thing we’ll get to fine dining for a while
  5. The Matrix Trilogy: Matrix 4 is on its way, and um hello? anything with Keanu is a win.