8 Silly but Important Things to Always Choose

1. French fries over Fruit. Are you kidding? This is a no brainer. You can’t make crispy golden french fries at home, but fruit? Fruit you can get anywhere. Yes, you’ll feel like a heifer for maybe an hour after you consume all of it but at least in the moment, you enjoyed every freaking second of those delicious oily fattening awesome things. Fruit? Get that shit at the market and eat it at home. When you’re out, indulge yourself.

2. Unsubscribe. I’ve recently purged myself from online shopping after realizing about 70% of the emails I accrue on my personal account were from Forever21, Groupon, Sephora, the like. It feels a bit insipid when now I wake up and I’ve got 18 emails vs. 60+ but at least I’m not wasting precious time deleting meaningless “SALES” and breaking my wallet. Now each morning I focus on positive affirmations from my virtual yogi on YouTube and success stories shared on Gates Notes.

3. Bring a book wherever you go. Apps on our phone are endless as such are puzzle games with infinite levels. (Trust me I work in gaming, I know how many levels there are ready for the player to trek through, and beyond that there will always be another map, another dungeon, another challenge). But the greatest lesson you absorb is those from stories and historical documentation. I’ve learned resilience through Marcus Aurelius and strategy from Sun Tzu, valuable knowledge which otherwise wouldn’t have been taught via mobile games.

4. Chop it off. In 2013, I got bangs that basically ruined my life. Or so I thought. In retrospect, I was young and naive; time felt longer than what it really stood for and I cared way too much how “swoop” my bangs were. The stylist had cut it too short and I swore everyone could see the extra centimeter he took off. 5 years post trauma, I’ve now gotten the shortest haircut I’ve ever underwent and it’s been the best decision of my life. Time will tick as hair will grow. So choose to get that haircut you’ve always wanted to try out. If it sucks, it’ll grow back in 6 months. And if it shines, you’ll love eliminating the fear of going shorter.

5. Keep a notebook & pen. First, always have a pen on you because when you fly, you don’t want to be that person bothering your neighbor for theirs to fill out a customs form. Second, notebook & pen helps jot down your consciousness. I don’t know how many great ideas have gone out to the wild to never return because I failed to remember what they were by the time I got back to my laptop.

6. Daily Notecard Trick. This is courtesy of Tim Ferris. He jots down things that must be accomplished by the end of that day on a notecard and once they’ve all been finished out, he rips up the card. It’s so cathartic to start my day with goals then completing each task and finally being able to toss the card as a part of the exercise.

7. Run on your own damn time. Never wait on anyone not worth waiting on. If you’re just sitting there waiting for the phone to ring or someone to eat with- go enjoy time alone. Cook something healthy and enjoy it with FRIENDS on Netflix. Time is too precious spent waiting on others.

8. Never commit to lukewarm. I don’t know how else to explain passion as an extreme. This an important lesson I learned from mommy dearest. If you’re at a store and you see this red dress but it just makes you feel 50% while you put it on, DO NOT BUY IT. No matter how many accessories pieces you dress it with, it won’t make you feel 100. Buy the dress if it makes you feel like hard 10, otherwise, that garment on the hanger will only sit in your closet collecting moths and dust. This philosophy can be applied to most life decisions. The dress was just a recent example I had whilst shopping with Momma bear.



26 Things I Still Remind Myself after I turned 26

  1. dont apologize when you don’t have anything to be sorry for
  2. read the email before you send it. then read it again.
  3. things usually don’t work out for a reason. trust the universe
  4. be kind anyway
  5. goals matter. Make a 25 by 25 or a 50 by 50. then live it out or ponder back and see how much adventure you still have left
  6. hold the door open. Figuratively & Literally
  7. few friends last a lifetime. Forgive them when they’re not the best version of themselves
  8. you’re never going to have this body again
  9. if you have to think about whether you should text/post for more than 30 secs. dont do it – it’s never worth it
  10. if you can’t laugh at yourself, it’s going to be a long life
  11. always have a 5 year plan
  12. don’t burn bridges. it’s a small world
  13. close your mouth and open your eyes
  14. there is absolutely no substitute for class. if you have to say you’re a lady, you’re probably not
  15. make your own rules
  16. details matter. they really really matter
  17. never let them see you cry
  18. preparation > luck
  19. no one else can make you happy if you’re not happy with yourself
  20. if you don’t want anyone to find out. don’t do it.
  21. paste a smile on your face and fake it till you make it
  22. don’t waste your time trying to make other people look bad. make yourself indispensable.
  23. figure out your go-to restaurant, bar, city attraction, cocktail and bag.
  24. Trust that voice in your head. Trust your gut. Trust the Butterflies
  25. Appearances matter. It may be unfair, superficial, but they do. Get a manicure. Invest in a nice bag. Figure out the best makeup and clothing style for you.
  26. Hug your parents. Tell Them Thank you.

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