This is how I learned acceptance

Last year, I learned acceptance instead of resistance.
It leaves me both liberated and sad to see this change in my thought process. Though, it is extremely freeing to not care and less exhaustive to.
But where’s my voice?

I thought to myself during this realization, “is acceptance just giving up?”

Where did the old me go? The one that used to kick and scream for the things I believe to be fair, the things I wanted to change, the ideas I needed to execute.
Did my passion evaporate?

Or do just lose our edge when we age? Accept that things are just the way it is took a lot of years out of me. If there was a physical manifestation in how I gained this understanding, it would be equivalent to getting white hair. But it’s this transformative phase has helped me get through the bullshit. In the global scale, I needed to practice this the most during the current crisis that will define my generation: the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Instead of living in fear, acting in panic, and hiding myself, I’ve learned this is what it is and I need to do my part in it. However large of a problem this eventually will become for me, I need to accept that it is here and follow the guidelines provided by healthcare officials. So I sigh and move directly into acceptance, research the best way to flattening the curve, find the right ways to go outdoors for groceries or a walk to see sunlight without exposing myself to it.

Sure, we can go through the phases of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression before we finally get to acceptance. Or we can just choose the expressway there and stop getting angry. Our frustrations taken out at other people at the grocery store, glares darted at strangers on the street, or even yelling and blaming at people on the frontlines for running out of stock on things. The frustration is natural, we’re all afraid of the unknown especially since the ‘cure’ doesn’t come in a form of medication but our own antibodies to fight this off. However, we don’t need to be angry at our neighbors and other strangers.

Let’s please just stop that. We need to show more kindness to everyone now when we need it the most. The ones who are directly and personally affected and the ones living in fear of this unknown. Accept it, treat it and don’t live in the anger. Spreading kindness and hope is what we need.

I’ve accepted this problem we have, there is not denial and resistance anymore. The toll keeps rising and anger is elevating everywhere but what I’m not seeing enough is acceptance and learning to be good neighbors and friends to help each other through it.