This is what falling for you feels like

My heart’s never pounded so fast,

nor has it ever felt this empty.

My tongue’s never tasted so dry,

nor has it been so thirsty for another.

My head’s never been so tormented,

nor have I ever thought I’d be so happy with being so smitten.

This conundrum I have is both liberating and suffocating.

This is how I endure puppy love.

The silly moments where I am lost in lust

but found in love.




He told me, stay.

My heart tugged on those 4 letters but my head pricked my skin with goosebumps because I knew like the sun and tornadoes, his warmth will wrap me up until I fall before he takes its all away.

Like waves and tsunami, he’ll cleanse me of my worries, hug my feet as they tiptoe on the sand before his love crashes and strips away my sanity.

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