I’m a lost boy in the time: 2016 AD. No matter how hard I believed in magic and awaited my Hogwarts letter or wanted to fly and prayed for a little pixie dust, I have to yet to be carried off to another realm. Then I write. Ideas, stories, troubles, life…anything really. I might even drop a few recipes in a separate tab.

I’d like to think of myself as a professional marketer by day and writing vigilante by night. I’m no #rmdrake or JK Rowling, but ideation for stories call to me, and I rather share what I can than keep it all bottled in. Often times, I feel alone in my experiences, but I really hope I can reach others and help them find comfort or even invite them to share their story.

How many millennials out there are lost with not just “no direction” but are frantically scared to walk the path they’ve already stepped foot in? Did that even make sense to any of you? Anyway, this is my journey to share the rite of passage into adulthood while I attempt to write a dystopian novel on the side. (I’ve shelved so many stories now and yes, I’m plenty aware how saturated libraries are with dystopian trilogies. I promise mine will be just as predictable as the rest but still enticing enough for you to read- if I ever get around to finishing it.)

Feel free to share comments & questions!

A last little beat to share: we all go through growing pains. It’ll come like hurricane and slowly drizzle out. Finally one day, the storm will pass and the calm day will present itself with no strings attached, only silver lining to pave what’s to come next.