We’re all Plugged

We rely on this tiny little device to grant us instant gratification.

We say we miss each other so we bookmark a day to “brunch” only to be holding up our phones obstructing our view of the other person.

We cuddle side by side on the couch yet not a word flows between our lips as a show runs on screen.

Modern technology is death to the human experience. 

We feel depressed when we don’t garner enough likes.

Social media has evolved to social competitions.

Brands have collected private data to target, seed, and plow our every penny.

The 4th Industrial Revolution has simplified our routine but complicated our mental health.

With the emergence of easier communication, we’ve saturated ourselves with more strangers and lost the meaning behind connecting with close friends.

The notion of everything being “instantaneous” soured our patience.

Seeing 20% battery has brought new waves of anxiety to ourselves we didn’t think possible 2 decades before.

Plugged in: the well that cures or poisons? 


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