At what age did your light go out?

I’ll never forget my first internship at age 21 when my creative manager said the simple profound proclamation, “There will come a turning point in your life where you realize you are no longer invincible.”

I gave him a side eye thinking to myself, who is this dude? I feel great and young and I don’t need you lecturing me on anything.

I did feel invincible. I was still in college and felt on top of the world. I was in my last year before receiving my bachelor’s degree and had no idea what being a REAL adult meant.

Slowly but surely though, as the years progressed and I’ve adulted heavier into my twenties, I’m noticing a light that’s flickering away. When we’re young, we have this bright doe eyed outlook on our own paved paths. We don’t foresee that we end up dodging curveballs almost every day. And when they do end up hitting us, we have to face it with utmost strength even when we don’t want to. As we age, the world teaches us things differently.

I watched west side story recently and heard a beautiful yet dark line.

Doc: When do you kids stop? You make this world lousy.

Action: This is the way we found it Doc.

It broke my heart to digest what they were saying. Our light goes out because we learn the cruelties and uglies in life. Twitter flags every other week about another school shooting. Instagram proves kids are barely teens and practically flaunting their crop tops and need to follow the Kardashi footsteps. It saddens me our light goes out so young and we succumb to society’s flaws.

I’m losing faith in what America has become. I’ve stopped hoping for someone to sweep me off my feet because he simply does not exist. I’ve given up on trying to be the best because I’ll never be. I’m tired to trying to figure out things I just am not ready for. The world rests heavy on our shoulders. We all “say” we want to help but no one is doing anything.

So, at what age did your light go out?


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