I’m Growing Sober

I’m growing sober or rather sober is growing on me. The past week I’ve had an episode with something I thought was a closed chapter in my life. Almost a year and a half later, I got another panic attack. Worst one yet – and it happened at my new job where the space is open concept so none of it could have been spared except for my brief 5 minutes in the bathroom until someone walked in.

Since my doctor is on mat leave and the holidays hit, I haven’t been able to see another physician to diagnose what’s really going on in my body. From the panic attack, I’m now suffering from severe abdominal pain and back aches that come in waves. This pain hasn’t subsided for over week so until I’m able to have a professional check out what’s wrong internally, I’m striving to eat healthier and cutting out the one vice I should’ve a long time ago: alcohol.

I just got back from a Friendsgiving and when offered a drink, I was happy to decline. The rejection came out of me quite easier than I expected. I guess when health hits you like a ton of bricks, nothing is more important than getting back to 100. I got home at a timely fashion and it felt good to target a healthier and cleaner living.

Tomorrow is going on Day 9 – I pray this gets better soon or at least I’ll get access to a doctor.



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