Kylie Jenner Made Me Do It

Before you jump into thinking I got massive lip injections and painted a perfectly contoured face, PAUSE. She’s more than just her flawless figure. Let’s take a step back and talk about her E! episodes on Snapchat.

As much hate as that girl’s got laying around, she sure knows how to kick it in the dust and promote positivity. In the most recent episode I found myself attached, watching her and two of her friends sharing the notion to not complain for 24 hours or rather begrudgingly try to not complain.

I took it upon myself to test out the joy and peacefulness my day would be like if I did not complain all day. I radiated sunshine, unicorns, and butterflies and even encouraged one of my best friends to embark on this 24 hour journey with me. I ostracized negativity spewed by my coworkers, and removed myself from any situation that would irritate me.

The outcome?

Hmmm, let’s say, I would basically never do it again. The entire day, I felt like I had bottled up anger from trying not to release all the little things that bothered me. Sorry, but I’m human. It feels cathartic and amazing to cuss and bitch about things. I can’t simply fall into the whole “zen” and “kumbaya” thing and magically find myself amazingly balanced with life. You know what balance is? Putting up with bullshit and being able to vent about it for 2 minutes. That’s balance.

The 24 hour journey left me feeling cheated. Like I tortured myself to be something I’m not. I am flawed human being with a great life that occasionally has some curve balls thrown at it.

No thanks Kylie. I’ll stick to your nude lip suggestions.



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