The world will break your heart 10 ways to Sunday

  1. Corporate Policies: We are conformed by the elements around us. Dare to click on the link and see how?
  2. The person capable of making you the happiest is the same person capable of ripping your heart out, so be careful where you place your happiness.
  3. Have you figured out whether you are living… or existing?
  4. We spend our prime slaving away at a career, then hit retirement when it’s too late to fully enjoy the thrills and adventures Mother Earth has to offer.
  5. We are taught to love our bodies, then the media slams their definition of “beauty” in our faces everyday.
  6. Fake it till you make it-but what if you never make it?
  7. We work only to have a portion taken out by this blissful thing: taxes, and then the more we make, the higher percentage of our money is taken out. So in other words, why even try harder for that promotion only to hit a higher tax bracket?
  8. Social media ruined any means of privacy
  9. You can have the best time on a Saturday night, then Sunday rolls around and the worst thing happens: Hangovers.
  10. After Sunday comes Monday.

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