An all out brawl between “Living” and “Existing”

I do not want to waste my life, as I’m sure many people don’t. But have you stopped to think about whether you are really living or just purely, “existing”?

I was confused in deep thought this morning asking myself why I have starved to achieve each goal in my life. All I want to do is keep checking off the bucket list of things I want to accomplish. This determination with no real end goal has left me hopeless and exhausted. I see no point in trying to climb a ladder that leads nowhere.

There’s no right or wrong answer to what is my purpose, nor a real answer to whether I think I’m living or existing but I still beg to wonder…which is it for me?

We are so busy hour after hour chasing unfinished projects, beating out deadlines and catching up on our own daily gratifications that we forget to establish an end goal. So today, I’m choosing to live and not exist. As soon as you are conscious of this, you can start a mission to achieve your ultimate purpose.

Choose to have a purpose, it is never too late. Choose to do something truly for yourself- read all the books you’ve accumulated over time that you’ve shelved, write all the runaway thoughts sneaking in your head, or dance the night into a blurry state of exhaustion and connect your body and mind.

Find your meaning behind living. Don’t just purely exist, because when you are just existing- time escapes you. You get bogged down on the errands and due dates in life, you forget to enjoy the rest of it.

For me, I choose to write. I choose to share my experiences in hopes it reaches all the talents out there that have shelved their aptitude to accomplish something ownable to them.


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