My two greatest fears

One of my favorite quotes of all time that I stumbled upon.

It speaks volumes for many people going through growing pains. Remember the days you felt infinite? Invincible even? The afternoons spent dashing through the backyard, brewing up witch spells with mud and water or running in circles screaming you’re going so fast you’ll soon reach the moon?

Those reading this might find me immature for admitting this but even at 23, 24, I still had this naive belief I could be a superhero. And not the ones that fly or have x-ray hybrid heat vision eyes, but just a superstar at something.  I grew up convinced that I was bound for only the most extraordinary of things.

Reading this quote from time to time terrifies me that I don’t have this absolute amazing destiny. It also puts me in reality that I’m not the best at anything; that I might have quite literally lost my potential to cultivate any talent.

But I’m also reminded that I can still create something ownable and infinite to myself. To have a purpose that is solely mine-be exceptional in my own way.

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