This is why you love/hate it

Age Range: Millennial

Profession: Marketing; Gaming industry

Frequent Social Media Platforms: Snapchat, Tumblr,

Sentiment towards Social Media: Love/Hate Relationship


This should’ve been dated 1/2/2017- apologies on the delay.

I’m not a social media guru, though I’ve dabbled in my first “adult” job as a social media coordinator. What did the position unveil for me? It made me hate social media and all it encompasses. The obsession for instant gratification, the truth behind “fake it till you make it” by paying bots, the passive aggression between groups of friends, et al.

Yet on NYE, I found a new angle I never fully saturated in my perception of the concept.

Peppered with curiousity what the rest of the world was doing, I found myself scrolling through Snapchat’s NYE stories. It revealed people’s excitement and pastimes from all over the world. I rejoiced in their happiness, smiled at their glory and cherished their last moments on the last day of this year. Being able to share that experience with strangers from Rio, Dubai, South Africa etc… is a newfound phenomena in this new age of technology.

We scrutinize it but we bask in it. We love to hate it; we hate that we love it.

That night, I saw fireworks and joy stretched across the world. What could be more simple and blissful than that?

Happy New Years, may 2017 bring unparalleled adventures and happiness to you all!
To that note, I wish you all the best that fortune can bring for Chinese New Year, Year of the Rooster. (:


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