I’m ashamed of my number

How much do you make annually?

Are you ashamed of that number or proud?

It’s really not worth it. The number of zeros you have in your salary will never assuage the increasing level of stress and supervisor abuse.

I’m sitting on my bed thinking that I am satisfied with what I am able to buy with my monthly paycheck. But to what expense? My life does not feel fulfilled with tangible things. My days are getting shorter as they blend into one week then into a month and soon enough, end of the year is nearing. It seems the more I make, the more I sacrifice- but is it all worth it? My youth, my perseverance… Each extra dollar I make, I feel an extra pound weighing down on me.

So is this really worth it? I rather make much, live a simpler life, have a job I absolutely love than trudge back into battle every morning. But really- it isn’t battle. I’m just a hanging dummy while others practice their punches. But even punching bags get torn and eventually tear till it is futile.

I am ashamed of my number. Are you?

I sold my soul to the corporate devil and there is no way out.

Signed, sealed, and delivered.


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