Un-New Years Resolution

I’m only human. You hear that plenty of times, but I really mean it. There are days where I wake up all rejuvenated and happy. Well, today was not one of those days. It actually was lackluster in comparison to some other days I’ve had. What surprises me though, is that one stranger was able to turn my entire day around today. I didn’t know him, but he saved the day.

It’s funny how one can fall into their own rabbit hole. Blur out the noise, avoid human interaction and go about their own way. Seeing how my day had already been haywire, every single thing I encountered only made matters worse. I thought nothing could turn my day around. You know those days where everything ticks you off? Even something as pure and peaceful as the soft wind whispering to the leaves?

I was easily annoyed by everything around me. Walking out of a local grocery store, a man I have never crossed paths with said the simple words, “Have a nice day young lady,” and smiled as I walked on.

Those kind words changed my day instantly. It wrapped me like the hug I needed so desperately.

I remember reading a post recently, “The next 60 seconds of your life will be here and you’ll never get it back. So why spend it angry?”

New Year’s Resolutions never stick, but I’m going to try and remember that there is good out there. That you can spread joy with something so simple as a “Have a nice day” to pay it forward.




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