The lie that being busy means “Success”

I’ve had many dreams as a little girl- ballerina, actress, librarian, lawyer, astronaut… but those roles wavered with my interests and realizations of growing up. My own available talents I harnessed over the years weaved limitations to what my future could really unfold one day. Those wild dreams turned into past fantasy and a new vision emerged. I was unsure what paths I’d take into adulthood, but I was certain of one thing. I hungered for a career that kept me utterly busy. Why? Because at some point in my upbringing, we were told the lie that being busy meant success. Now, I find even at my quarter-century age, “busyness” isn’t necessarily a good thing. Success can be discovered without driving my stress level to new heights.

Success is having a home where you can still unleash the inner self you hide from stupid societal norms.

Success is enjoying your nights without feeling compelled to check your emails after hours.

Just because I’m not busy working, doesn’t mean I’m not successful.

Stop pretending that keeping busy is a good thing.

Once you realize that, you’ll be able to appreciate where you are more. You’ll be able to fully grasp that busyness = success has always been a lie.



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