So…I suck at adulting.

I’m jaded.

Why do I feel like the only place I can find solace is my chair, my breakfast bar, and this iMac? The world is racing by at a million miles per hour and I don’t feel a thing.

Why don’t I feel anything anymore? Lately, I can’t seem to enjoy anything in my life.  All the vices that used to fuel my blood now appears lackluster. What would be a wild Friday night has transformed into a quiet space for only me and my computer.

Do we all just grow tired of the same old bullshit and become numb to emotions? I mean really, don’t we all grow tired of going out to the bar once the weekend hits? Wake up with the same old annoying bitch of a hangover. Get hype again Saturday, have same basic brunch and mimosas on Sunday, and then the anxiety of work week starts all over again.

Am I so jaded by the disappointment of growing up, getting a mortgage and sitting at a mind numbing sedentary corporate slave house that I no longer have anything left to hope for?

I have no idea what’s left in store for me. I got so spoiled to the life of waiting for the semester to end before I traveled to my next destination during summer vacation that I find myself still in the mindset something will turn up and save me from this hole.

So what am I waiting for now? What are we all waiting for?

adulting: describes acting like an adult or engaging in activities usually associated with adulthood—often responsible or boring tasks.



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